There are set procedures in place between ourselves as Facilities Management provider and our.

Clients and you must follow these procedures in order to continue as an Approved Contractor.

  • The ACR Facilities Helpdesk will contact you on behalf of the client to arrange Reactive and Planned works.
  • If a client contacts you directly to request an engineer’s attendance, please e-mail [email protected] with the details of the request, and provide any supporting photographs and associated costs, as soon as possible after the event, so that we can register the job.
  • Job Sheets/Service Sheets must be signed by the client and submitted to [email protected] every time an engineer attends site. Outstanding or unsigned documents may cause delays in payment.
  • Invoices must contain either the clients Purchase Order Number or a Work Order Number provided by ACR ( [email protected] ).
  • Invoices must be made out to the Client (who is responsible for payment) but forwarded to [email protected] for initial processing and verification. Please do not send invoices directly to the client as this may result in payment delays.
  • All associated paperwork (Quotations, Contract Renewals, Service Sheets, Job Sheets, Risk Assessments, Method Statement etc.) should be addressed to the Client but sent to [email protected] for processing. Please do not send any documents directly to the Client.
  • We will require you to send your renewed Public Liability Insurance to [email protected] annually.