Not only are we proud of our Clients, but our Clients are proud of us.

“ACR have now worked on two major building refurbishments and modifications. Both jobs were required to be completed in a very limited timescale and with tight budgets, but through the knowledge and expertise of ACR both jobs were completed on time and within budget.

Having now completed the most recent project your continued support through an excellent ‘Facilities Management’ programme in ensuring that the building and its internal fixtures not only are fully maintained but all system / risk assessments are in place to meet with UK legislation.

May I thank you and your staff who not only have expert knowledge and understanding of building and legal requirements for being part of what I would consider to be a totally professional organisation.”

Pro Service Manager
UK & Scandinavia
ITT Industries

“ACR have a very long established relationship with AAH and have been key to the success of a large number of projects over the years including a design and build warehouse in Stoke. They have also been our FM managing agent for a number of years now and have helped to drive best practice, cost savings and national contracts on a wide range of services, helping us to achieve legal and statutory compliance. They are always professional, have a very customer focused, can do culture and are a source of great knowledge and advice.”

Head of Property
Celesio UK

“The fact that we continue to work with ACR demonstrates that ACR compare exceedingly favourably with other firms. We feel, as our clients believe this. We also find that ACR continue to provide a senior level response at all times. I am aware that Simon Robinson and his fellow senior staff work from the ethos that a good personal relationship and providing a high level of service. WE have found that this ethos is actually translated into a first class delivery solution.”

Operations Director

“In the early days working with ACR was difficult due to both parties trying to work out how each other worked. As time moved on I felt the working relationship between both parties improved significantly.  ACR assisted us with a number of projects including re-surfacing the yard, new roof install and the installation of the HVAC plant.  All of which were managed superbly. Working with ACR was successful because they took time to know how our operation worked and ensured that all FM work carried out on-site had as little impact as possible on our normal operation. They also ensure that whenever a service or PPM program is due they would arrange and liaise with  the site to ensure completion. To this end I would highly recommend ACR should anyone be thinking of using them as there FM managing agents.”

Systems Manager
AAH Weedon

“The benefit from working with ACR is second to none, the support and knowledge that their team brought to AAH was invaluable. Their PPM schedule was fantastic and never miss a service. The scope of works that they covered was great from small works to projects. The commitment from the whole team saw a successful partnership form with the branch and their attention to detail was great. Their passion to deliver a better service was next to none. The amount of commitment from the team and the professionalism of the company. The truly offer a first class service.”

Systems Manager
AAH Southampton

“I first met Simon and came into contact with ACR about 20years ago when I undertook a new role. Since then I have worked with Simon on many projects from building new green field sites through to facilities management and he has always treated the project as if it were his own money. Having moved positions and organisations I always look to Simon and ACR to be part of the team.”

Managing Director

“Ansell Electrical Products Limited engaged ACR to navigate us through the mire of Compliance and Legislative issues that we were faced with as a steadily expanding company. To this end, ACR have been very professional and highly instrumental in bringing Ansell right up to speed with our obligations and requirements, making sure we are fully compliant. ACR are always on hand to guide and advise and we at Ansell would have no hesitation in recommending them”

Accounts Manager
Ansell Lighting

“ACR were hired to manage the tender process for a major refurbishment of our 45 acre Newark factory site, and to manage the CDMC requirements of the 18 month contract, that included some challenging civil engineering obstacles, including safe removal of asbestos.

This was successfully accomplished and helped Flowserve get value for our project budget. ACR have since been consulted on a number of our development projects and remain our “go to” consultant in all matters relating to our buildings management.

Simon Robinson and his team, need to be congratulated, for the expertise and dedication they bring to our company.”

Manager -Facilities Development

“We have used ACR on many occasions over the last 10 years to provide advice and expertise relating to an extensive range of building services, most noteworthy being the Phase I fit-out of our current site and Phase II extension build and fit-out, including initial contract tenders, project management and full CDM compliance.  All projects were completed on-time and within budget thanks to ACR.  At all times they were professional, reliable and dedicated and provide a high-calibre consultancy service that we will continue to use for future requirements and would highly recommend.”

Site Manager

“ACR were reliable colleagues in that facilities management was well organised, with servicing of equipment well organised in a timely manner.  Facilities management has become more of a minefield in recent years as health & safety has rightly become more prominent.  ACR ensured we had qualified contractors who came to site when asked and performed what needed to be done.  The benefits were that the maintenance and repairs were carried out efficiently, whilst taking the burden of most of the organisation away from the branch.

I would say ACR were a real business partner, the team understood the eccentricities of my particular branch and ensured that the facilities management had the least possible impact on my teams time. ACR FM are a team you can rely on and trust to get the FM jobs completed safely and competently.  They are on your side as a manager, a resource well worth having.”

Systems Manager
AAH Paignton

“The benefits of working with ACR to manage the site facilities are many. Primarily it’s great having one point of contact to cover all eventualities, couple that with the knowledge that all contractors who are sent to site are fully checked and vetted and it brings great peace of mind and allows me to concentrate on the more specialised in house maintenance team and seek out performance gains that I might not have the time to pursue otherwise.

The welcome differences of ACR’s approach to facilities management compared to other providers are the high level of communication without being intrusive, it’s great to receive group emails informing you of upcoming scheduled maintenance activities meaning all relevant on-site personnel are kept in the loop automatically, the low level of bureaucracy and excessive paperwork compared to some providers, and the fact they take the trouble to visit site and familiarise themselves with the facilities, the people and the operation – it makes a big difference when arranging works. I’ve no hesitation in recommending the FM team at ACR to take care of anything – it will be done quickly, efficiently, effectively, on budget and with the minimum of fuss, and that’s all you need!”

Systems Manager
AAH Leeds

“ACR provides SIS Ltd with all manner of structural surveys for the installation of our satellite dishes on our customer’s properties. We first started working together back in 2000 & have developed more than just an everyday business relationship. ACR have always delivered with a prompt, courteous & outstanding service; travelling to all locations throughout England & Wales, sometimes with very little notice! Their services, advice & professionalism have been invaluable over the years – thank you to all at ACR!”

Operations Manager

Marc Robinson @ AAH Leeds – “AAH Leeds benefit from ACR in so many ways. We have a small team of technicians at Leeds and we are all doing split shifts from 6am to 12am, so our technicians are spread out though-out the day. To always know that ACR was at the end of a Speed Dial or E-mail was always good to know. Whenever a problem arises it was just a quick message to a great team of people at ACR that always knew what we needed or what we required for the job. And that information was relayed via email to all the technicians in our team via an auto forwarding rule on our Systems Managers account so that everyone was in the loop. From every part of the AAH Leeds warehouse we have needed ACR at some point in the year, and once the call was made and the cost capexed, the quality of work was always outstanding. Any issues were dealt with quick and easy. And any follow up question or advice was always received when needed. Never days or weeks later. When I was first introduced to ACR I was a bit why? Why do we need someone to make calls for us? But from the first week we were very quick to understand that ACR are not just a company to ring when we need another company to do some work for us, but are a part of our team.  Part of the setup that we have meant that ACR fitted straight into our team and made our jobs more efficient so we could deal with problems quickly while ACR supported us. ACR have a great group of Staff, who are friendly, understanding, efficient, reliable, and very patient. And I have been my pleasure to work with such a well organised company.”

Systems Manager
AAH Leeds

“ACR have been working with Helena Partnerships for over 12 months helping to ensure that Helena’s facilities management plan is robust and fully compliant with the relevant legislation. Having that extra pair of eyes reviewing Helena’s systems and procedures has been reassuring. ACR have provided a range of suggestions on how to improve systems and processes and have continued to offer a helping hand to ensure Helena are fully compliant.

Facilities Manager
Helena Partnerships